Habitat Surveys & Phase 1 Surveys in Derbyshire & the Midlands

Habitat Surveys

Ecological Habitat Surveys

Habitat surveys provide an assessment of a site, identifying which habitats are present and their potential to support protected species, inferring the requirement for any further surveys to inform planning applications.

Should protected species, their habitats and/or the potential for protected species be found, then species specific surveys such as those for Bats, Reptiles, Great Crested Newts and Badgers etc can be undertaken.

ML-Ecology can undertake a variety of habitat surveys depending on what is required by the planning authority or what is suitable for the size and location of your site.

Basic Ecological Assessment

A basic ecological assessment can be undertaken on very small sites or when the planning authority requires just a basic ecological appraisal.

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Phase 1 Habitat surveys offer a comprehensive assessment of a site. A map of the habitats present on a site is produced and each habitat is assessed for its potential to support protected species.

Phase 1 Habitat surveys are carried out following the JNCC (2003) standard methodologies and techniques.

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

An extended Phase 1 Habitat survey is the same as a Phase 1 Habitat survey but includes a desktop study which reveals all known ecological data about the site and indicates historical wildlife records of a given area.

These surveys are often required by the local planning authority if the development is relatively large or if protected species are known to exist within the area of the development site.

River Habitat Surveys

River Corridor Surveys (RCS) and/or River Habitat Surveys (RHS) are both methodologies for assessing what types of river habitats are present and river habitat quality.

These surveys are undertaken when a development might alter of affect river and stream habitats.

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