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ML Ecology – Derbyshire’s Specialists in Ecological Surveys

ML-Ecology Surveys & Solutions is a small independent company that offers a pragmatic, cost effective solution to your ecological survey requirements. 

Our Derbyshire home-based office significantly reduces our overheads, enabling us to deliver a quality service, nationwide, with strict emphasis on competitive pricing and efficiency.

Whether you need to establish which ecological issues you face on your site, or if you have planning conditions that require specific ecological surveys, we are able to help.

From small-scale building conversions to larger residential and commercial developments, we aim to provide you or your clients with a quick, professional service to avoid unwanted and often costly delays.  We recommend considering potential issues and seeking advice early in the process, as many species surveys are seasonal and time frame dependant.

ML-Ecology specialises in the following services:

Ecological Surveys Derbyshire | Ecology Habitat Surveys East midlands


Habitat Surveys including: Phase 1, Extended Phase 1 and ecological walkovers.


Ecological Surveys Derbyshire | Newt Protected Species Ecological Surveys GCN

Protected Species surveys including:  Bat surveys, Great Crested Newt surveys, Badgers, Water Voles and Barn Owls.  


Ecological Surveys Derbyshire | Grass Snake

Reptile and Amphibian Surveys, Breeding Bird Surveys and Aquatic Invertebrates Surveys.




We are also able to provide tree surveys to accompany any ecology requirements, offering you an attractive combined solution.

If you would like to receive a quote or discuss your own requirements, please see our contact us page

Ecological Surveys in Derbyshire and the East Midlands by ML Ecology

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